Electrical Vehicle

EV Transparent Cells for the Sunroof provide Extra Miles of autonomy and prevent battery discharge. Using VITSOLC Transparent cells original vehicle color remains unaltered.

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Green Agriculture

Transparent photovoltaic greenhouse roofs adequately filtering sunlight for an optimal plant growth while providing electricity.

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Sustainable Architecture

A transparent photovoltaic technology for an optimal Transparency-Energy conversion efficiency balance

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· Limited Driving Range for EV

We are believers of truly Pure Electrical Vehicle

The transition from gasoline to electricity powered vehicles is slowed down by the lack of a reliable charging infrastructure. VITSOLC’s transparent photovoltaic technology will provide an infrastructure independent mobility to a large number of drivers while not changing the aesthetics of the vehicle and keeping the functionality requested by the customer.


  • Limited Driving Range for EV
  • Charging Time for EV
  • Insufficient charging infrastructure for EV
  • Avoid falling below the minimum battery load level



  • An extra continuous charge process during outdoor use, route or parking.
  • A reduction in the number of charge cycles needed during the week.
  • Reduced reliance on overcrowded or limited installations.
  • Maintain always a minimum healthy level into your service battery of your motorhome.
  • Modulated Transparency inside the vehicle
  • Integrability in most parts of the vehicle 
  • No alteration of vehicle aesthetics and colors

· We are in a context of climate

Green Agriculture

Food versus fuel? No one is against renewable energy but many people claim that solar panels are better suited on buildings and rooftops rather than in solar farms, taking up farming land. VITSOLC’s transparent technology can be integrated into the glass roof of greenhouses to capture sunlight so that greenhouses that favor plant growth can produce energy at same time.

· Climate change has reduced the availability of natural resources. Water and energy are essential for development.

· Irrigation water consumes energy and requires new control systems

· Global warming and its constant changes are affecting crops.  A change in sunlight intensity  and humidity levels is needed.

· The use of transparent cells in greenhouses add modulation and filtering possibilities for light and humidity control, and at the same time harvest energy.

· Solar energy harvesting must not to compete with plantation ground and territory using transparent cells. By creating new structures, the two can be combined.

· A lot of different applications

Sustainable Architecture

In many large cities vertical over horizonal surfaces dominate the landscape. In combination with traditional opaque cells, VITSOLC transparent modules are an optimal technology for sunlight energy harvesting and can be fully integrated in a urban environment. Glass curtain walls can be the ideal place to integrate transparent photovoltaic modules providing clean energy and comfort for the building users.

· Multiple applications in glass used for Commercial Buildings or Residential Homes.

· Transparent modules used in combination with the traditional opaque cells can be a good alternative for sunlight energy harvesting.

· Glass porches, Greenhouses, lobbies and terraces are ideal places to cover with transparent PV cells.

``Don't miss the show. Be transparent.``

Vitsolc - Transparent Energy

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